Relationship Ranging from Heterosexual Women Trying Heirs eroon

Relationship Ranging from Heterosexual Women Trying Heirs eroon

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BAI KUKE, CAMEROON – Frida Nembe, 61, was an enthusiastic eloquent and you can smart lady for the Bai Kuke, a community of the Balong group inside the southwestern Cameroon. Several years ago, she turned a good “feminine spouse.”

She claims one to their own simply youngster together with her late husband died, and you will she try no more able to get expecting. Therefore she became a partner by herself, a woman husband.

“Once i had partnered to my later husband, We provided birth to 1 child exactly who passed away a few years after,” Nembe states. “It’s thus which i hitched my spouse thus that she will sustain an infant who’ll inherit my possessions as i die.”

Nembe claims she performed all the traditional rites you to definitely a person would would so you can wed a female in order to marry her wife, who was from a special Balong community.

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“I decided to go to her community, satisfied their own some one and you can reduced their own over dowry,” she claims. “Then i lead their to my family to call home beside me and you will happen students inside my title.”

She says that Balong community lets female so you can get married to other ladies in instances when women can be bare or haven’t any youngsters. Also women who require a lot more students however they are incapable of consider all of them could possibly get get married almost every other female.

Nembe claims the women comply with old-fashioned gender roles. This new childbearing lady becomes brand new partner about relationship, because most other woman acts as a female spouse.

“My partner was meant to stay-in the house, generate students for me personally, help me to from inside the cleaning and you may farmwork,” she says. “She’s meant to suffice myself like a partner is always to suffice their husband, and that i commonly therefore remove their like a partner should lose his partner. (more…)

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